A fun 2D reimagining of the hit horror game, Dark Deception. This is a free demo of the first level. Super Dark Deception is coming soon to Steam, Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorGlowstick Entertainment
TagsArcade, Horror, Indie, maze, Runner
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller

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There is a bug that if in a secret room the monkeys will gather at the door, and in some cases, which are probably rare, can glitch through the door. PLEASE fix their AI in the webgl and full game please.

ive seen them walk through walls too and its reaaaal annoying

Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically use itch.io to avoid that.


that's all what I need to say


bugs: one of the monkeys got stuck on a wall and wouldnt chase me no matter how close i got to it

the "enemies revealed" power-up doesn't run out, i can see the monkeys on the map for the rest of the game

very fun! loved it and loved seein bierce again


dont point out the bugs that saved my game! Since the monkeys always know where you are, its only fair you know where they are at all times too. Also them getting stuck is funny to see.

lmaooo my bad! i hesitated when i made this comment cause that bug helped me out too

but i figured i might as well make the game harder since i beat the game first try with those bugs 🤷‍♀️


Also the powerup disappears when you die.


this game is actually really good definitely would recommend!

is there going to be controller support for the mobile version? it kind of works, but the buttons aren’t mapped properly and there’s no way to sprint… 


Dark Deception for ppl who don't have a high end pc

very good like bendy

esse jogo vai ser muito fantastico eu conserteza vou jogar e o bendy and the dark revival tambem


remember me when this game blows up dude

For anyone interested, we made a plushie of Doug Houser from the game. It's currently on sale on Makeship :)! https://www.makeship.com/products/doug-houser-plush


Why is this game free on this website?

how do I use the abilities

It took me 6:40 secs Is that a record?

(1 edit)

sorry to say, but no. My time is 5:31

I mean technically it is a record but you have the fastest time

technically we don't know for sure if i have the fastest time

you might we don't know

mine was 5:23 with no lives lost and all secrets

I think the final game needs leaderboards for each level. For speed runners. 

Thats a good idea


how do you use abilites? i couldn't figure out how to though i still beat it

there are no abilities since you have none of the ring pieces to upgrade your abilities yet. The abilities are most likely placeholders for the real ones.

You can get dark deception on the epic games store I wanted to know If I pay the 20$ do I get the full game or demo glowstick games please respond 

I mean glowstick entertainment

Why is this game free on this website?

The monkeys always know where i am for some reason. I can be halfway around the map and all three, inside of each other, will come around the corner, out of nowhere

Their AI is very broken. LOL


The game is called in China黑暗欺骗      hei an qi pian

Thanks for sharing that. Interesting to know! :

To GEO or Lkz,it's called 欺骗黑暗


Did it first attempt noice game


very good game, will it be expensive?

No final price is set yet, but the plan is that it will be less than $15 USD for the complete game. 


Im from china

so god


this should not be free... but thank you for making it free!!!!!!!!

whenever i press W and ctrl the game closes ): am i just dumb and it always does that even if im not playing orrr?

that is from google closing the ta

oh thanks!

use shift.

Being able to get the see enemies crystal really intensified the anxiety, but it was a rush. What I got is that two monkeys will charge towards you, two will try to cut you off, you have to plan around that.


Great game can't wait for full release

Cool game idk why it took me 3 game attempts to beat it maybe im just that bad as a gamer ]:

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ok so I played this game last night and it worked fine! but now when I try to play a cant get past bierce saying "Oh! Another one. How nice to have some company again." I really want to play but I cant!

Edit: I had to button mash my keyboard and I opened my settings then closed them and the game worked again????

Did you click on Bierce's dialogue box?

I did click on her dialogue box, i clicked on everything I could lol. it ended up fixing itself but idk if its just an isolated incident.


This game is absolutely amazing it's just the bugs that need fixing.  I see lots of potential in this game and hope it becomes something bigger. 

really good game but too hard,the monke camp the way.


really good game, can't wait for the next chapter!

this was litteraly me the whole game, i keep getting corned by the 2 monkes

Same, like bro


Really cute game. I like the art style but it's not really scary and it's also very, very easy.

cant get past beirce's audio when you full load into game

There is currently a bug where Malak's dialogue sprite does not appear in the 2nd dialogue sequence after the Monkey Business level. Just a heads up. 


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